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Sister Act

Available MainStage Programming for Rent:

  • Keyboard 1 - Standard orchestration (11-piece)
  • Keyboard 2 - Standard orchestration (11-piece)
  • Keyboard 3 - Standard orchestration (11-piece)
  • Keyboard 1 - Alternate orchestration (16-piece)
  • Keyboard 2 - Alternate orchestration (16-piece)

Note: Keyboard 2 (both orchestrations) uses the Mod Wheel to control the Leslie speed of the Hammond Organ throughout the score and this part also requires the installation of a free 3rd party plugin (included with instructions) in order to execute the fade out of one instrument while another one holds within a patch as indicated in the score.

This programming includes custom and stock MainStage instruments. Instructions and a Quick Setup Guide are included with every rental for the initial hardware assignment within MainStage. I am also available to assist over the phone or by email to help with the initial setup.