Music Services

All work is done using current computer software for professional results, and samples are included below or upon request. Please use the contact form if you haven't found a service listed. Quotes are provided for each job individually and usually around $50 per hour in Canadian dollars depending on the project.

Arrangement & Orchestration

From solo instruments or voices to large ensembles, orchestras, and choirs; or re-orchestrating and adapting for different instrumentation and/or voices.

Some of my vocal arrangements can be found and purchased in the Publications area of this website. I've done a lot of re-orchestration work for musical productions where the number of musicians needs to be reduced, so I do what I can to keep the original sound of the full orchestration, often covering missing parts with some creative keyboard programming or with the available musicians, or re-conceiving the music to make the most of the reduced orchestra size and available instruments.

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Keyboard Programming

Mainstage, Cantabile, Ableton Live, Cubase, Kontakt, Exs24, Keyboards

I've programmed many professional musical theatre productions. I use software-based applications or internal sounds and settings on keyboards, or sometimes a combination of both, and customize the sounds and settings to suit the performance of the musical score and the needs and requirements of the production. Some productions may need click tracks and the ability to playback recordings for additional vocals or to cover missing instruments so I use Ableton Live or Cubase to program these tracks and make them work seamlessly for vamps and safeties. Different productions have different needs but I can set the controls to be on pads, notes on the keyboard, or a foot switch.

I also have a growing catalog of Mainstage shows already programmed and available to rent here.

Engraving & Transcription

Professional looking sheet music made from handwritten manuscript or transcribed directly from an audio recording.

I'm comfortable using the two most popular music notation software applications, Finale and Sibelius.

I enjoy working as a copyist for libraries and musical theatre scores. I can work from handwritten or typeset full scores to produce individual parts with a proper conductor's score or to convert hard copies to a digital format like a PDF or as a Finale or Sibelius file.

Sometimes soloists or ensembles require a song, or an accompaniment to be rewritten in a different key to accommodate vocal range or instrumentation. I can produce clear, readable printouts of the music in the new keys. Also, once the music has been entered in the computer, any key is easily printable for a fraction of the initial cost and time.

Band charts can be made for any type of band including, military bands/orchestras, cover bands, pop, rock, jazz, etc. Details that can be included in a chart include chord changes, lyrics, individual instrumental parts, vocal lines, guitar fingering charts, rehearsal letters, bar numbers, etc.

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Recordings & Backing Tracks

Custom recordings for rehearsals, concerts, and performances from basic piano to full band and orchestral arrangements.

I'm comfortable with Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, GarageBand, Ableton Live, and a few other recording software applications. I have recording space in my home with access to larger facilities. The bulk of my recording work is done virtually using VST instruments and MIDI, but I also record live vocals and instruments when needed.I find I'm asked quite a lot to create karaoke recordings of pop, musical theatre, and choral accompaniment music when a soloist or ensemble wants to perform with the full sound of all the instruments playing along, but can't hire an accompanist, band, or orchestra to accompany them like for a festival performance or competition or special event.The majority of this work comes to me when a recording of a song exists, but the words are being sung on that recording preventing it from being used in a performance. I'm then asked to take the recording and re-record all the parts, creating the new karaoke type recording. Usually, everything can be done via email which is convenient for everyone.

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Hear Sample 2 Free Online Service

A free online tool that allows singers and instrumentalists to practice their individual parts using a mixer interface that allows full control of every recorded part.

Choir teachers often ask me to prepare rehearsal recordings for their singers which is what inspired me to create for anyone to use. Using any multitrack recording software, teachers, directors, and accompanists can prepare their recordings as before, but instead of distributing fixed MP3s with an isolated part, they can upload and share them with this service which allows their singers/insrumentalists to dynmically "mix" how much of each part they hear. This allows them to isolate a part until they learn it and then turn up all the other parts to practice their part against all the other parts. Then, they can even mute their own part out so their practicing their own part without actually hearing it, but while still hearing all the other parts. I find it very useful to teach harmony parts to choirs and casts in musical theatre productions.


Finale Training & Tutoring

Over the phone, instant message, email, or screen share, I can help you learn your way around Finale and offer support as you work on a project.

For this service, I charge $1.25 per minute or $75 per hour prorated with a minimum fee of $25. Contact me to set up an appointment, or call during reasonable hours (Pacific Mountain Time) if you're under a time constraint and need immediate assistance.

Printing & Binding

Have your scores printed and spiral bound if needed, for a professionally finished package. Certain papers may require an additional charge.

Black & White:
Letter (8.5x11) - $0.10
Tabloid (11x17) - $0.17

Letter (8.5x11) - $0.39
Tabloid (11x17) - $0.89

Binding up to 12" - $1 to $5
(depends on volume and number of pages)